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Imagine a platform that brings automation in business and in the workflow with no coding and minimal effort. That’s Cloudify, one of the best business process automation companies. It offers the next step in automation in businesses that seek to boost productivity without any extra workforce and in just a few weeks. We love to help you integrate, manage, and maintain your favorite SaaS apps with our business process automation solutions. We give you the freedom to customize your business automation workflow, so you can get all your systems together and save yourself time, resources, and errors.

Automation in Business

Process Calculator

100 Tasks
0 3000
20 Mins
0 120
110 DKK
0 500

Year Effects of automation

Automate Process
42.212 DKK

Money Saved

Business Process Automation
400 Hrs

Time Saved

Business Process Automation Solutions
1200 Tasks

Tasks Automated

Business Automation Workflow

Best Plan For You

Why automation in business is important?

Business Process Automation

Reduction in operational costs

The business automation solutions show a drastic reduction in operational costs with the fewer manual and workforce interventions without impacting the output negatively.

Automation in business

Increased productivity

Speed up your tasks and better their quality with the systems doing all the necessary efforts to maximize the productivity.

Automate process

Automate the process

No more repetitions and room for errors! Have your emails and subscriptions sent, follow-ups done, feedback asked–all by automating your apps and connecting them.

Business process workflow

Better allocation of the workforce

Business process automation helps you create a balance and allocate your workforce into functions that actually require human efforts and repetitive tasks that the systems can handle.

Workflow Automation Solutions from Cloudify

Ready to see Cloudify in action? We can't wait to show you how easy it is to automate your business process.

Why Choose Workflow Automation Solutions by Cloudify?

Cloudify has an organically earned expertise in workflow automation as well as optimization. We offer streamlined dashboards, dynamic reporting and analytics, actionable insight reports and workflow visualization with LIGHTHOUSE , a powerful business automation workflow monitoring tool that is code free and an intuitive user interface. Everything is for you – to enable a rich user experience. Adding up to this -

Automation in business

We prioritize your security

You matter to us. We make sure that all your business-related data is safe and secure within the apps. We value you, and honestly we wouldn’t have this any other way.

Automate process


We set-up, configure and manage the automation so you can focus on other areas.

Business automation workflow

Efficient processes

Automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency, cut down unnecessary costs and boost your productivity.

Process automation

Simplified Dashboard

Get all information of your business process workflow with real-time interactive dashboard. Know updates about where all your automate processes.

Business Process Automation



Get started

Watch this short video that will take you through every step of getting your automation done. It explains how you can get started with our Marketplace.

What our customers say

"Very happy with Cloudify to date. Seen a significant improvement in business revenue, as well as productivity of employees. Kudos to Cloudify!"

Regina Lau Sales Operations Manager

“Excellent experience with Cloudify. Looking forward to future projects, nice customer support, lot of creative insights, 10/10 recommended.”

Datsko Petrunov Senior Software Engineer

“Cloudify knows exactly what our businesses needs. Have seen an amazing boost in our productivity post adapting to smarter workflows.”

Marcus Bleasdale Assistant Director

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