ActiveCampaign Integrations with Cloudify

With accounting systems

Integrate ActiveCampaign with your accounting system automates the invoicing process, categorises expenses, and deals with other billing-related tasks.

How does it work?

New contacts are added to the ActiveCampaign list of your choice keeping the customers, vendors, and employees in-line.


With the integration, you can send reminders to the customers on purchases and re-purchases.


You can also generate failed billing reminders and send them to the customers, thus keeping a track of every payment made.

With marketing systems

Integrate ActiveCampaign and your marketing apps like Facebook and LinkedIn to manage your customers and deals.

How does it work?

You can automatically capture leads, send automated emails, and sync your customer contacts into the ActiveCampaign link.


A deal will be added or updated in your ActiveCampaign list, whenever there is a new lead from the Ads.


Sync your Facebook or LinkedIn Ad account and add the contacts automatically to the ActiveCampaign list.


you can also add a subscription form to your social media pages to sync customer data.

With webshops

Integrate ActiveCampaign with webshops or ecommerce apps to drive orders and boost online sales.

How does it work?

When there is a new order in the ecommerce store, a new customer is added in the ActiveCampaign list and also a deal is created for the order.


Add the customer details in the ActiveCampaign list for every completed or fulfilled order.


With every fulfilled order on webshop, a new deal is created in the ActiveCampaign account.


Send automated emails to the customers on their first purchase, abandoned cart, for reviews, and more.

With payment systems

Integrate ActiveCampaign with payment apps to keep track of your expenses alongside streamlining your budget and ensuring timely payments.

How does it work?

When a deal is closed in ActiveCampaign, then the customer automatically receives the payment link instantly.


Keep track of the invoices through automatic follow up after every purchase.


Accurately update the customer list in the ActiveCampaign account once the payment is complete.

With inventory management system

Integrate ActiveCampaign with inventory management system to automate your sales orders.

How does it work?

When there is a new deal won in ActiveCampaign, then a sales order is automatically created in the inventory management app.


Create orders in your inventory management system, when there is a new deal in ActiveCampaign.


ActiveCampaign helps in sending automated marketing and transactional emails to the customers.


Benefits of integrating ActiveCampaign with Cloudify

Personalised marketing

Design, build, and send emails that are targeted for customers, giving every campaign a personal feel.

CRM features

Sync all the customer data in one platform. Manage your sales pipeline and update deals.

Marketing automation

Segment your contacts, automate marketing emails, and automate workflows for your marketing needs.

Sales automation

Integrate ActiveCampaign and automate sales process, lead prioritisation, and contact management.

Connect Activecampaign with Cloudify!

ActiveCampaign lets you monitor your customers’ behaviour and use the insights to design targeted e-mail campaigns and drive highly personalised customer experiences.

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