Automate scheduling meetings or appointments an outright chore by integrating Calendly with Cloudify to boost your business productivity. Chalk out all the manual scheduling work with this integration in place

calendly integration

Integrations with Calendly

Apps that can be integrated with Calendly

Benefits of choosing Cloudify for Calendly Integrations?

calendly integration

Retrigger automation

Now you can sync your products and product data between Fortnox and e-commerce applications.

calendly integration

Customized flows

We offer customized workflows that fit your existing process.

calendly integration

Chat support

Online chat support is available on most of our plans.

calendly integration

Automate more than two apps

It is possible to extend your automation to include more than two apps.

calendly integration

Extensions supported

Possibility of Lighthouse extensions such as importing files (PDF, Excel, and csv formats)

calendly integration

Managed and monitored

Your automation solution is completely managed and monitored by us.

How can you use Calendly Integrations with Cloudify?

With CRM systems

Control your availability and schedule the meetings, i.e. one to one, or group meetings. Also, cut the manual tasks by integrating Calendly with the CRM system to grow leads more effectively.

With email marketing campaigns

Send automated confirmation emails to the invitees and automatically update the invitee’s calendar by Calendly integration.

With form builder

You can integrate Jotform/Typeform with Calendly through your CRM app to schedule meetings or check the availability of your clients.

Note: Please be informed that the above are few examples of how Calendly can be integrated with other systems. At Marketplace, we have few pre-built Calendly integrations with various apps. Any custom requirements can also be done which is subjected to a setup fee and a plan that is based on the number of apps and number of workflows.

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