Reach your targeted inboxes through MailChimp integrations with Cloudify, which is industry’s best email deliverable platform. We not only help you engage with your current customers but also give your prospects and abandoners a personalized engagement and aim at lead recovery.

mailchimp integration

Benefits of choosing Cloudify for Mailchimp Integrations?

mailchimp integration

Retrigger automation

Get real-time notifications, correct data causing errors, and re-run your automation.

mailchimp integration

Customized flows

We offer customized workflows that fit your existing process.

mailchimp integration

Chat support

Online chat support is available on most of our plans.

mailchimp integration

Automate more than two apps

It is possible to extend your automation to include more than two apps.

mailchimp integration

Extensions supported

Possibility of Lighthouse extensions such as importing files (PDF, Excel, and csv formats)

mailchimp integration

Managed and monitored

Your automation solution is completely managed and monitored by us.

How can you use Mailchimp Integrations with Cloudify?

mailchimp integration

With CRM systems

MailChimp integration with your CRM app offers targeted and personalized email marketing campaigns. This subsequently leads to a one-time investment for your customer retention and brand image.

mailchimp integration

With accounting systems

You can import customer data from the accounting app into your MailChimp account. Then you can build email campaigns for this particular client list to generate sales.

mailchimp integration

With form builders

Integrating MailChimp with online forms allows you to create or update contacts in the subscriber list, as well add new leads to mailing lists.

Note: Please be informed that the above are few examples of how Mailchimp can be integrated with other systems. At Marketplace, we have few pre-built Mailchimp integrations with various apps. Any custom requirements can also be done which is subjected to a setup fee and a plan that is based on the number of apps and number of workflows.

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